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Want Purity? See This Amazing Internet Monitoring!

November 4, 2011

I’ve been a member of Covenant Eyes for almost 10 years, and I believe every family ought to have this at home! Every pastor, father, husband, dude … should have this, too.

It works so easily: 3 of your trusted friends would be your accountability partners through Covenant Eyes (doesn’t cost them a penny). They would receive a report via email each week from Covenant Eyes of every website you ventured to. Covenant Eyes rates them (T for teen, M for Mature, HM for Highly Mature).

My wife, my dad, and another friend of mine are my accountability partners. Talk about great help!

You can get Covenant Eyes on your desk top, laptop, and smart phone for an extremely cheap price each month!

Here’s the cool part: if you use my promo code Chad then you’ll get the 1st month free!

They also have filters for your kiddos.

Invest in Covenant Eyes to help you walk in purity and integrity.

Go to and click on the banner. Or, go to and use my promo code Chad to get your 1st month free.

This is one site you won’t be sorry for visiting!


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